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Private Medical Insurance Advice

Most people have considered private medical insurance at one point in time but are not 100% sure it is right for them. Let a Moneysprite private medical insurance adviser assess your needs for private medical insurance and search your options today.

What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance covers an individual or group of individuals against the costs of private medical treatments and services outside of the National Health Service (NHS). The insurance is predominantly designed to cover against acute conditions that require immediate or ongoing treatment and care.

If you end up needing private medical care, having this type of insurance can save you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Why do I need private medical insurance?

Not everyone requires private medical insurance but those with a family history of acute illnesses and disease or those in later life may want to seriously consider it. Yet, there is no reason why younger people should not consider it as well.

Having private medical insurance allows you to access first-class medical facilities and doctors quickly, rather than being added to an NHS waitlist. Some people also prefer the comfort of private healthcare over NHS wards which may not be as private.

What does private medical insurance cover?

Private medical insurance covers the cost of private medical care, not limited to:

  1. Private hospital admission and stays
  2. Consultations and private doctor appointments
  3. Testing for a diagnosis, such as CT and MRI scans
  4. The cost of surgery
  5. Some drugs and treatments not available through the NHS
  6. Mental health treatment

There are policies that will even provide complementary therapies, such as physiotherapy and massages.

What doesn’t it cover?

Some policies don’t cover routine doctor appointments that can be accessed through the NHS. It’s also important to note the fixed term of your cover. If your cover is due to end but you are receiving routine treatment for an acute condition, you may be referred to the NHS and struggle to renew your existing policy.

How to get private medical insurance

There is an array of insurance providers willing to provide private medical insurance for UK residents. You’ll have to make an application that discloses any existing conditions and possibly family medical history. These could affect your chances of being rejected or cause your policy to be more expensive.

Why use an adviser to find private medical insurance

Of the back of the COVID pandemic, the private medical insurance industry is growing. Increased competition may help you find a better deal. But it also means it can be more difficult to identify the most suitable private medical insurance for your needs and expectations. Getting the assistance of a private medical insurance expert can help you avoid mistakes and secure the insurance you require.

Reach out to one of our Moneysprite medical insurance advisers to discuss your private medical insurance options. We have advisers from Norwich down to Cornwall, and back across to Bournemouth, Eastbourne and the South East, and help clients throughout the UK. Our friendly and patient team are here to assist you.

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