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Investment Advice

You should approach any investment opportunity with caution. If you want to chat about a planned investment or need help identifying investment opportunities, one of our Moneysprite investment advisers are here to assist.

What are investments?

Investments is an umbrella term for different ways of growing your money. By investing in a financial product or asset you hope that the product or asset increases in value for you to make a profit in the future. One of the main goals of investing is to beat the rate of inflation so your money does not become less valuable sitting in a bank account.

Different types of investment products

Some of the most common ways of investing are:

1. Property

Buying property is often a worthwhile investment due to the increase in property prices over time. Moreover, if you buy a property as a rental investment, you can gear the rental to pay for itself, giving you a valuable asset once the mortgage has been repaid.


Stocks and shares are another common investment opportunity. Buying stocks in the right companies can provide returns that far excel interest rates on savings accounts and the inflation rate.
3. Fixed interest securities

Fixed interest securities are financial products that allow you to lock your money away for a fixed rate of interest. A fixed-term bond is an example of a fixed-interest security. These savings accounts usually offer the best interest rates that do exceed the rate of inflation.

A word on risk

The most appealing investment opportunities come with a degree of risk, varying by each type of investment and its details. You should always remember that your capital is at risk when entering into most investments. Some have zero risks, such as fixed-term bonds.

Realistic returns

A successful investment can reap returns from anywhere above the inflation rate to over 100% in some cases, depending on the type of investment you make and how long you hold the asset for. It’s essential that you have realistic expectations of your investment, which can be achieved by speaking with an investment adviser.

Investments to avoid

You shouldn’t commit to any investment where inadequate research has been completed and you do not fully understand the terms and conditions of the investment. This can be overcome with the help of financial advice. You should also avoid scam investments by not engaging with anyone that approaches you to invest out of the blue, especially online. Extensive research is a prerequisite for any investment.

Why chose an adviser to help find the right investment product?

Investing is often a smart and fruitful activity, but it can also lead to financial disaster if not done with diligence and care. Nobody can offer you guarantees that you will get the returns on investments you hope for, but financial professionals will ensure you understand what you are signing up for and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Reach out to one of our Moneysprite investment advisers to discuss your investment options. We have advisers from Eastbourne across to London, and up Hemel Hempstead, Norwich, and Birmingham,  and we help clients throughout the UK. Our friendly and patient team are here to assist you.

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