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Contents Insurance Advice

Uncover the key details and considerations surrounding contents insurance policies here. Our property contents insurance advisers are experienced at finding homeowners and tenants with the most appropriate content insurance within budget. Speak with our friendly team soon!

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance is a policy that protects personal possessions at your home or rented property. It covers your possessions against damage from natural disasters, such as flooding or fires, and it covers them against theft.

What gets covered by this insurance?

Contents insurance covers all types of personal possessions, such as electrical goods, white goods, furniture, flooring, and jewellery. If you have a particularly valuable or unique possessions, such as a valuable piece of art, then the insurer will need to know about it. Having rare and valuable treasures can affect your policy and may need to be covered individually.

Optional extras that you can add to your cover

You can usually purchase extras on your contents insurance if desired. One of the most common extras is accidental damage, meaning the policy provider will repair or replace the possession if you damaged it yourself by accident.

You might be able to add an extra that extends your cover to when you are outside your home or accommodation. This would mean possessions on your person are covered as you go about your daily business, such as a smartphone or laptop.

Why do I need contents insurance?

Contents insurance is not essential to everyone, but if you have valuable possessions insuring them against natural disasters and theft can be a wise decision. Replacing electrical goods can be especially expensive and unaffordable if they all need to be replaced in a short period. Some renters may be required to take out contents insurance as part of their tenancy agreement.

Why use an adviser to help consider contents insurance?

A professional insurance adviser will search the market to locate and compare the most appropriate policies based on individual needs. They’ll also dive into the details to ensure the policy is exactly as advertised, and so clients fully understand the terms and conditions they agree to. Using an adviser can save you time and money.

From a shiny new smartphone to a family heirloom, we help you find appropriate and advantageous contents insurance easily.

Reach out to one of our building contents insurance advisers to discuss your insurance options. We have advisers from Poole to, Eastbourne and back across to Southampton, Chelmsford and the South East, and help clients throughout the UK. Our friendly and patient team are here to assist you.

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